Out on the Road - Bill Weaver

Out on the Road

Out on the Road Show with Bill Weaver is a live show hosted by the country artist, tanker yanker, and Arkansas cowboy Bill Weaver. You will see Bill performing live on Chrome and Steel Radio later in the day and on weekends! Swing by our Facebook to catch Bill’s show!

Out on the Road

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Bullhaulin BS

Bullhaulin BS

Bullhaulin BS is hosted by livestock relocation specialist Jerry and Tyler Novak. Jerry, Tyler, and guests discuss the Bullhaulin life, being an outlaw, the future of trucking, and the livestock world. Tune in every Monday at 8pm EST!

Bullhaulin BS


Daily Dose of Hope - Hope Zvara

Daily Dose of Hope

Hope Zvara leads a weekly interactive podcast that brings light to nutrition, health, and mental well being. If you need motivation, a remedy for your aches, or want to build a better lifestyle, A Daily Dose of Hope is your show!


Fitness, health, motivation, and more!

That Master Chef Truckin Show

Master Chef Truckin

Newest member to the Chrome and Steel group, Travis Griffin hosts a show all about cooking on the road. Make delicious meals while you’re driving without having to break the bank!



Chrome Show

Chrome Show

Owner of Jack’s Chrome Shop Dave Coleman discusses chrome, show trucks, the show truck circuit, and more! Show every Wednesday at noon EST.

Chrome Show

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