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Bill Weaver Music - Trucking Culture

Bill Weaver – Trucking Culture Episode 6

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Hey guys it’s Maddie and today we are super excited to show you guys the next episode of our Trucking Culture series, which covers all kinds of music, movies, and other media that have made a major impact on the trucking industry. In today’s episode #6, we will be weaving through the history of a trucker turned musician that is very near and dear to our hearts, Mr. Bill Weaver.

               But before we begin, we sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed our Trucking Culture series so far, and we’d like to thank you all so much for making it as successful as it is. Although in the past we have put the series behind our Patreon wall and eventually on our Jack’s Chrome Shop YouTube channel – for future episodes of the series such as this one, we will be transferring Trucking Culture to our sister channel, Chrome and Steel Radio YouTube, where we will be bringing you 2 times the amount of Trucking Culture with not just 1, but 2 episodes each month. If you wanna continue to watch even more episodes of Trucking Culture, be sure to like this video and subscribe to Chrome and Steel Radio YouTube channel using the link in the description box below, so you can stay caught up on all things Chrome.

               William Earl Weaver was born into a military family on July 28th, 1967, at General Wainwright Hospital in Fairbanks, Alaska, to Melvin and Katie Weaver. Bill was one of 4 children, including 2 older brothers, Randy, and Ronnie, and 1 sister named Susan. Despite the fact Bill and his family lived all across the United States for the first 10 years of his life, he lived a happy childhood full of constant change and fun new adventures awaiting him around every corner. Although Bill was seemingly born for life on the road, with a wandering heart and a gypsy soul, eventually, he and his family wound up in a small city in Arkansas called Cotter, only approximately 6 miles from where Weaver currently calls his home in Flippin, Arkansas.

               Bill enjoyed music from an early age and began writing his own original songs when he was just an elementary student, after being bought his first guitar at the age of 5 by his father and grandfather. Among Bill’s biggest influences musically speaking – are greats like Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, and Roger Miller – who were all incredibly talented singer-songwriters and guitar players that still inspire and serve as great heroes and favorites of his today. In fact, when Bill isn’t busy singing and writing songs of his own, you can often catch him jamming just about anything from the late 60’s by Haggard or Jennings.

               Speaking of heroes… some of Bill’s other greatest influences growing up were his uncles, Walter Newton, and Marvin Weaver, who were both truck drivers and “infected him” with the so-called trucking virus at a young age. Growing up, Weaver loved watching the old school trucking tv series “Movin’ On,” which is where he first found his favorite truck of all time, the cool, classic Kenworth W-9. Bill was always amazed by his uncle’s beautiful big rigs – always driving something shiny and noisy – with the latest and greatest, most up to date accoutrements a truck could possibly have and taking great pride in driving it.

               Not only was Bill impressed by the looks of their trucks, but by his uncle’s incredible ability to “back a truck in on top of a dime and still have room to get out of it and chew your rear while keeping you laughing for not doing it right the first time.” By the age of 14, one of Bill’s biggest heroes, his dear Uncle Marvin, taught him how to drive a truck and “crawled up his rear more than once about how to stay alive, and how to die, hauling a hazmat load.”

               Bill graduated from Cotter High School in Arkansas in 1985. Straight out of high school from 1985-1989, Bill served in the United States Army, where he was stationed in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, as well as across seas in Germany and other parts of Europe. After serving a short stint in the army for 4 years, Bill became a cop at the County Sheriff’s Department, where he worked for several years in law enforcement with Marion County and Flippin, Arkansas police department up until 2007. While serving as a sheriff, Bill still continued to drive trucks on the side part-time.

               From 2007 forward, Bill began driving full-time – despite consistently driving trucks for the majority of his adult life. Also around this time, Bill began singing, playing guitar, and writing his own original songs while out on the road. According to Bill, most of his writing starts simply with the idea for a melody, and slowly but surely while driving, Bill begins putting together the words piece by piece, with lyrics stemming from feelings, thoughts and things seen and heard while over the road. Throughout both his military and law enforcement careers, Bill would earn numerous awards and accolades of all kinds, eventually earning a few awards for songwriting from several different writers’ organizations as well.

               Moving through the late 2000’s and early 2010’s, Bill slowly started to settle down and on November 12th, 2013, Bill married the love of his life, Mrs. CarolAnn Weaver, who he credits as the one who “keeps its all working at home, all while keeping him in the mental place he needs to be in order to do his music and to keep on truckin’.” Bill and his wife, CarolAnn, have 3 children between them, all of which currently reside in Arkansas, including their eldest son, Robert, who is 31, their daughter Kelsey, who is 29, and lastly their youngest daughter Lesley, who is 26. Both of Bill’s older brothers also live locally in Arkansas, with his sister, Susan, making her home in the same city in which Bill was born, Fairbanks, Alaska, where she works as a nurse.

               Speaking of the wonderful Miss CarolAnn Weaver… it was her who really encouraged and supported Bill’s dreams of singing and songwriting behind the scenes, and eventually helped Bill begin his own original brand, Bill Weaver Music. In fact, on rare occasions, you can even catch Bill’s beautiful wife belting out a few notes by Bill’s side or singing back-up vocals. A few years later in 2016, Bill released his debut record, “Every Mile I Drive,” which featured quite a few of Weaver’s biggest hits including “The Diesel Life,” “Mr. D.O.T.,” and “That’s Why He Trucks,” which according to Bill, is his all-time favorite original song of his and is 100% written about his beautiful wife, CarolAnn.

               Only 2 short years after his wildly successful debut album dropped, Weaver would release his second studio album, “Burnin’ the Old School Down,” in August of 2018. “Burnin’ the Old School Down” featured the self-entitled track, as well as his song “Tough Tested,” which teamed together with the well-known big rig brand, and last but certainly not least, the fan-favorite freight-haulin’ song, “Bullhaulin’,” which is perhaps Bill’s most beloved song, with nearly 1 million music video views on YouTube alone, and tens of thousands of streams among all other platforms.

               Bill’s presence in the trucking industry, combined with his country music career, have seen soaring success for his songs, with almost 15,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, more than 5,500 YouTube subscribers, and over 7,500 likes on Facebook. Bill also works with many of the bigger brands within the trucking industry, including our very own Chrome and Steel Radio, Tough Tested, Road Pro Family of Brands, Henniff Transportation, TruckerPath, and more, who have sponsored several of his videos and helped him out along the way. Bill’s most recent single release, “The Truckers Path,” although originally written over 6 years ago, is Weaver’s latest work in conjunction with the big trucking brand, TruckerPath, and so far has seen soaring success since its debut at the beginning of September this year.

               Moving forward, Bill intends to remain out on the road and trucking for at least 10 more years, with goals of growing a fleet of approximately 10 to 12 trucks by the time he retires. Weaver also wishes to continue singing and songwriting any and everywhere that he can – as it is and has always been one of his true passions in life. When Mr. Bill Weaver isn’t busy being a big trucking music star, you can often catch him doing all kinds of countless outdoor activities with his wife CarolAnn, including stump removal, 😉 spending quality time with friends, family, and fellow freight-haulers, or enjoying a cold Busch light. 😉

               Although Bill has already made quite a big name for himself throughout the trucking and music industries, we have a feeling this dream- “Weaver” is nowhere near done debuting tunes for the “truck driving women and men” out there on the road and living that “diesel life!” So stay tuned on this “Trucker’s Path” for more beautiful music by Bill Weaver to come and don’t forget driver’s, “We Drive On!”

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