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Chrome and Steel Radio is your home for trucker entertainment. We are dedicated to bringing entertainment back to the driver. Chrome and Steel is trucker run, trucker owned, and trucker approved. Our crew of hosts and presenters are the #1 watched source of live content in the trucking industry. Our wide variety of topics include: trucking music, livestock, agriculture, driver health & fitness, food, cooking on the road, chrome, the show truck circuit, and more!

Trucking Entertainment

The Trucking Industry receives criticism from plenty of outside viewers, so, here at Chrome and Steel Radio, we are determined to entertain and uplift drivers. Tune in to Chrome and Steel Radio throughout the week to unwind and enjoy the trucking industry for what it truly is, a group of hard working men and women who dedicate themselves to their jobs so everyone else in the country can continue about their lives!

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Come watch our cast of different hosts and presenters every week on YouTube and here on our website! Most recent episode are below. Browse through our sponsors to help support Chrome and Steel, join the Chrome and Steel Club to receive special content and updates, and visit our shop to purchase Chrome and Steel merchandise. Thanks for visiting and joining the growing Chrome and Steel Radio community!