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Who is Reno Ward?  At first glance he seems to be the all-American guy. Growing up in Big Sky country, Reno played football and now loves skiing, hunting and fishing. He is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie who owns his own drag car and loves to take it racing. His love for fast, big and dangerous started at a young age. His earliest memories in fact, are from the passenger seat of a big truck with his dad, hauling logs through the Montana winters.

DENTON, Texas (April 18, 2017): Peterbilt announces the Model 389 Canadian 150th Anniversary Edition to salute Canada’s history by combining the industry-leading quality and performance of the Model 389 with distinctive styling and exclusive Canadian features.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Animated video shows how speed limiters on large trucks are dangerous for all highway users

I’m about to introduce you to a powerhouse on 10 wheels. Meet one of the most street legal muscle machines in the industry today. 2,000 horsepower to the rears, tire smoking, asphalt eating Peterbilt...

I often joke about falling down the rabbit hole. My mind is a wonderfully terrible place to be when it decides to wander out through the holes that the rain lets in. The following is what happens when you put together a radio personality, a business man, a writer, and two extreme truckers, (one a petite, adrenaline junkie, go get em, do it all girl and the other a 6'4” giant and Ice Road Trucker)? That rabbit hole goes deep.  DEEEEEP.  (echo echo echo echo)