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Jim Ward smiles when he talks about business these days.

The trucking industry is one that is entwined forever with American culture. Truckers have drawn comparisons to frontiersmen, and have been commemorated in books, movies, and songs.

The name Marc Springer conjures images of the overly-confident, often abrasive personality portrayed on the reality TV show, Shipping Wars. This is certainly what I expected when I was asked to interview Marc for Chrome and Steel. Expectations can be deceiving. In this case, they were downright wrong. Marc Springer is about a real as they come, and anything but abrasive. His confidence however, is quite real. It is this confidence that helps make him trucking's most interesting man.

Autonomous driving is made possible by the Highway Pilot, which took a further step towards production maturity with the unveiling of the Freightliner Inspiration Truck.

Insulin-dependent diabetic truckers may no longer have to request a formal exemption from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, should a new federal rule go into effect.