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“Autonomous” is the catch phrase being used throughout the transportation industry and the hype surrounding the development of self-driving vehicles.  Vehicle autonomy is defined through six levels of classification, with 0 being no automation and 5 being full autonomous. Newer cars on the roads today have some level of “autonomous functionality”, including GPS technology, computer assisted backing and parking, object sensors, and lane deviation. These features, however, would more accurately be defined as automated, rather than autonomous. 

Saturday, June-17-17- Winnipeg, MB – Commercial Drivers from all over Manitoba came together for the 2017 Professional Truck Driving Championships (PTDC) held at Peterbilt Manitoba located at 1895 Brookside Boulevard.

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Last night we were heading across the desert in southern New Mexico, an area some of you might recognize as the White Sands Missile Base. The movies like to sensationalize Roswell, NM, but from the stories I've heard the real action is at White Sands. That is if you are one to believe such stories that are better fit for the sci-fi channel.

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