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Husband and wife team drivers and creators of “Trucking is Glamorous”, Todd and Tamera have been driving since 1994. Most of their career has been spent as team drivers. They've driven everything from general freight to one of a kind antiques. You may actually remember Todd and Tamera from the A&E original, Shipping Wars. 

If you Love Big Rigs, Drag Racing & Great Music, The St-Come Acceleration Festival is for You !! it all happens this coming weekend, July 14th, 15th & 16th

Each year, the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) honours its members who have excelled during the past year, with a Canadian Country Music Association Award. CCMA Awards are presented each fall during Country Music Week. This year the Awards show, is making a return trip to Saskatoon.

You have just finished working a 10 hour day, not unusual for many people, even those that work in an office. After work you have to deal with rush hour traffic, stop by the store, and pick up your child from daycare, band or sports practice, or a friend's house.