Chrome and Steel Radio Revival

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Bringing entertainment back to trucking...

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Monthly get-together of all the shows on the Chrome and Steel Radio Network.  Fun, entertaining, and uplifting.  We're bringing fun back to trucking radio, one show at a time!

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Chrome and Steel Radio Revival crew

Bill Weaver came from a military family which made him a gypsy and wanderer from birth. This gave him the right mindset to become a modern day cowboy. He was born in Alaska and lived all over the U.S. for the first ten years of his life. When his father left the military he moved […]

Co-host of the Jack and Dave Show, Host of Jack’s Chrome Show. Co-owner of Jack’s Chrome Shop, Chrome and Steel Radio, and Candy Paint Classics. Entrepreneurship speaker and mentor. Lover of all things on wheels.

Assistant Producer of the Jack and Dave Show, Customer Service Representative for Jack’s Chrome Shop and all around badass bitch.

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