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PODCAST: February 17, 2017 

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- We're joined by Todd & Tamera of Trucking Is Glamorous to chat about Todd's dream...

UNDER PRESSURE is an engaging documentary that traces the path of Todd Sturgis, who inexplicably after driving a truck for years decides that he wants to be a cage fighter. He looks like the kind of guy you'd find sooner in a library than inside a boxing ring or cage.

We see the blood, sweat tears and family sacrifices involved in learning the sport. The film documents Todd's training, after a succession of coaches try to plug the "holes" in his fight game. The movie climaxes with Todd's first cage fight. How will he fare?

Wife Tamara Sturgis is the videographer here. Her good intentions are derailed as the film at times wobbles off course in following the stories of other aspiring MMA fighters. This muddies the waters and it's not clear why these new narrative threads are included. Other than the fact that Todd had wrestled in school, we get very little info on just why he decided to try his hand at becoming an MMA fighter.

You do get a sense here of how successful athletes need a "complete toolbox" of skills: wrestling/grappling, striking, jiu-jitsu/submissions, great cardio. These guys are tremendous athletes.

One step above a home movie, "UNDER PRESSURE" is a sincere attempt to depict the sacrifices involved in the lower rungs of the MMA ladder.

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on 17 February 2017