Watch truck wipe out on highway near Truckee as CHP issues warning

Wipe out in a cloud of dust.
In a powerfully visual way, the California Highway Patrol is warning drivers in the Sierra Nevada mountains to be aware of the dangers of sand on the roadway at this time of year. A video posted on CHP-Truckee's Facebook page taken from a big rig's dashboard camera shows a truck in the fast lane hit some sand, skid and wipe out in a cloud of dust. No one was injured in the accident, according to CHP.

"We are really glad no one was hurt as this could have been way worse," the CHP wrote in the post. "But this serves as a great reminder to watch your speed on those downhill grades. Especially this time of year as sand tends to (accumulate) on the roadway shoulders in between storms."
on 13 March 2018