Truckers protesting throughout the province of Quebec

Hundreds of truckers across Quebec personally delivered letters to their MP’s Monday morning against illegal brokerage on public sites.

"Members of L’Association National Des Cammioneurs Artisans Inc (ANCAI) are tired of corruption and collusion in the bulk trucking," said their CEO Gaétan Légaré.

"It became unbearable for us’’, he said. The government has announced an investment of five billion over the next two years for the construction of new and for the repair of existing roads. The bulk trucking represents nearly 10% of that amount equivalent to nearly $ 500,000 in contracts for our members. What we wish to offer the people today is to ensure that this amount is then protected from illegal practices."

"Losing money in the hands of the competition, this is normal" says Mr. Légaré. ‘’Losing money because of corruption, this is not normal and it has to stop. "

Truckers from across Quebec participated in this protest at 10 am this morning that caused traffic slow downs and delays in many places throughout the province



on 09 May 2016