Truck industry braces for their first CO2 limits in Europe

 the EU’s first CO2 limits on heavy-duty vehicles.

The automotive industry is warning that an EU proposal set to be adopted on Wednesday (16 May) does not give enough lead time before limits will be required. But the US and China have had limits in place for several years.

While cars and vans in the European Union have had limits on the amount of carbon they emit for some time, until now trucks have avoided the same fate. That will change on Wednesday, when the European Commission adopts a proposal for the EU’s first CO2 limits on heavy-duty vehicles.

These vehicles make up just 5% of all road traffic, but account for a quarter of EU road CO2 emissions. That’s not just because they’re bigger – it’s also because they are driven more often and over longer distances than cars.

Though no figure has been confirmed, the Commission is expected to propose a reduction of at least 30% by 2030. All new trucks built after the legislation takes effect – expected in 2020 – will have to comply with emission limits designed to get the EU to the headline goal. The limits will apply to fleet averages, and will not apply to older vehicles.






on 15 May 2018