They're coming to take me away!

I often joke about falling down the rabbit hole. My mind is a wonderfully terrible place to be when it decides to wander out through the holes that the rain lets in. The following is what happens when you put together a radio personality, a business man, a writer, and two extreme truckers, (one a petite, adrenaline junkie, go get em, do it all girl and the other a 6'4” giant and Ice Road Trucker)? That rabbit hole goes deep.  DEEEEEP.  (echo echo echo echo)

So, it went something like this.

“Carey might be a challenge. We don't know what he looks like in a bikini.”

“I did win a bikini contest 25 years ago.”

Carey Hall (Left) / Angelica Larsson (Right)

“After pictures surface of Alaskan Ice Road Trucker, Carey Hall in a bikini, Carey throws out all manly stereotypes and challenges Angelica for the title of 'World's Most Beautiful Trucker...”

“We could turn it into a live Facebook video event.”

“The next Chrome and Steel interview is going to be all about this conversation.”

“Yup.  It's all about the important issues and behind the scenes.”

“Like camping”

“I need a turtle shell to hide in”

“Like Ninja Turtles!  Carey, we could match your mask to your bikini.”

“Carey you already promised to go camping with us, the bikini is a bonus.”

“How'd we go from writing great articles to turtles”

“We fell down the rabbit hole.”

“Or in Carey's case, fell into a turtle shell.”

and Bob turns into a bouncing fluffy cat.

There was more talk about camping, horses, and Sarah Palin. I will spare you the horrifying details. But I feel like I should be getting fitted for a custom pink straight jacket.  They're coming to take me away, haha, heehee, hoho!!!  

Yes folks, the lunatics are definitely running the asylum.

(names withheld from comments to protect the bikinis.)


~ Sierra Sugar

About: Sierra Sugar is the pen name of a blogger and writer with a passion for trucking, tiny living, social media, and cooking.  My mind is filled with random obscure trivia and pop culture tidbits. I love history and all things geeky. Did I mention I love gadgets? And if it is cute and quirky, or remotely kitty related I probably want it. Just a random geek on 18 wheels out here enjoying the sweet life.


on 14 April 2017