As the old saying goes: Don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet. Angelica Larsson is the perfect example of that. A google search will show that no articles have ever been written about this passionate trucker from Sweden, but you will find many posts of her in a bikini (taken from her Instagram account) with the title ''SEXIEST TRUCKER IN THE WORLD'', but a one on one exclusive interview with Chrome and Steel Radio will help shed some light as to why she hates the title and what message she really wants to put out there...


This 26-year-old from Swedan was raised around trucks and big equipment, her daddy Jan (aka Skuggan – Swedish for Shadow) works an excavator for a living, her brother Joakim whom is 5 years older then she is also a professional truck driver. Surprisingly enough even the family dog named Dominic loves being around the heavy equipment.

(From Left to right: her dad Jan, brother Joakim, and family pet Dominic)

When asked about her hobbies and ambitions her answer is pretty simple ''My hobbies are my work, I also enjoy working out and eating well to keep in shape so I can handle the physical aspects of trucking and travelling any chance I get, generally behind the wheel of a Big Rig''

The one thing she loves the most while driving is listening to music while heading down the highway, when asked what her favorite type of music or band was she replied '' I love all kind of music, I love to sing along to everything''

When asked what trucking meant to her – "There's a lot of drivers out there but only a few real truckers, so many people only see trucking as a job, but for me; trucking is everything, my passion in life, I can sit all day long and have conversations that mostly revolve around trucking''

She also doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty, no need to call dispatch when she runs into a mechanical problem, she’ll jump out and get it fixed herself – ''This one time the air hose to the breaks just popped out from the nozzle and the trailer stopped immediately. Lucky for me I wasn't on the highway but just about to enter a roundabout and Yes I jumped out and fixed it myself and got back out on the road to deliver my load''

She also shares some of her funniest and best moments with us while on the road.

''The best/funniest jobs I've ever been on was when I was driving a dump truck and they were building new roads in the middle of nowhere. I was sleeping and living in my truck and I Love this kind of lifestyle. It was a messy greasy muddy road that we had to drive backwards up hills in reverse to get up with our loads. A really fun challenge! (I have to add that it was a 7-meter drop on both sides of my equipment with only a few inches to spare''

''On a really small road a crazy truck driver was driving full speed in the oncoming direction when his mirror smashed into my mirror which crashed through my window! And he didn't even stop. it was a cold night that night driving to my destination with no window, but I kept going to get my load to its final destination.’’

''These types of configurations are horrible. You first have to disassemble the whole truck before you can load and then you have to put it all back together again. and the tarps are always frozen during winter times when its windy, I hate it, but I’m not a quitter, I’d do over and over again because I love what I do’’

''This was also a scary moment. The rear axle broke down during driving and the whole trailer went sideways into the other driving Lane, it required a big repair and I had to stop and get a mechanic to fix it. And just as I parked the air tank exploded on top of it, once we got it repaired I was backing on the road hitting the miles’’

''And of course one of the easiest hauls ever! To haul containers, you only have to open up the doors and big forklifts comes and load you up, then you just head to the container-terminal, open up 4 locks and another truck comes and picks the load right out, sometimes trucking can be easy… ;)  ''

''Occasionally i'll jump out of the Big Rig and take the wheel of a dump truck and have my dad load me up with the excavator, any chance i get to work side by side with my dad is always a treat... ❤’’

''Yes... it's FROZEN wood chips, got a truck that was loaded with warm wood chips on a Friday that I was going to unload on the Monday. it took hours to chop it all out, but hey, its part of the job and had to be done…’’

''This has to be the Ugliest thing I've ever loaded... lol ''

When asked what she enjoyed doing in her spare time – ''I have my own snow truck and I love clearing snow during the winter months and driving my motorcycle during the summer time’’

What’s trucking like as a profession in Sweden? ''It's getting a higher standard then before. Earlier it was a dirty job that only low-class uneducated people took. Now it's almost glamorous with all the new technologies and the big truck shows popping up all around. Now everyone wants to be a trucker and look nice and fancy with lights, chrome and furnishings inside the truck''

What’s the toughest part of being a female trucker? ''There is also a few "girl problems" along the roads, like when you need to pee.. two times I've been "caught" doing my thing outside It's so weird that in places people never uses to be, all the sudden they are! Like this one time. I'm sitting in between the truck and the trailer, doing my thing… in the middle of nowhere and all of the sudden a car shows up, with their lights just where I'm sitting... I'm thinking... omg... and trying to run and close my pants at the same time while I'm laughing at myself. These stories are sooo funny to share because they are so awkward but when a girls has gotta go, she's gotta go...''

''And you know how the guys honk their horn when they see a nice girl. I'll do the same when I see a handsome, hardworking young man along the road... Lol they always smile and wave back''

What are your dreams or where do you see yourself in 20 years from now? ''I may sound silly. But my dream is to travel around the world and try different trucks and ride on different roads and maybe testing new technologies and equipment for big manufacturers or maybe get involved in helping design some of the future trucks to hit the road. I also want to show that girls can do exactly the same things the boys can … In 20 years I hope I could look back and not be seen as the ''Sexiest Driver In The World'', I'm not and don't want that title and have no interest in modeling... What I really want is to know that I made a small difference in this male dominated industry and maybe have been a role model to other women to join the industry and get behind the wheel of a Big Rig''

Well, Her Dream is about to come true, Diesel Spec is bringing the Swedish Trucker down to the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, Texas... Be sure to stop by and say ''HI'', she's looking forward to meeting all of you to share stories and discussing the one topic she's most passionate about - Trucking !!!

Facebook: Angelica Larsson 

on 21 August 2016