5 Dirty Trucking Company Tricks You Should Know About

Dirty Trucking

Dave talks about some of the big, most common tricks some trucking companies pull on their drivers.

i) Shorting drivers miles on their pay. A trick as old as time.

ii) No pay for waiting time, when the trucking company is charging their customer for the truck's delay. Also unpaid layovers are common.Or low pay for layovers.

iii) Blaming the driver for missing or damaged freight, which the driver hasn't seen or counted. But the driver has signed for a piece count and freight in good order which he has never seen before.

iv) Promises of sign on bonus to lure a driver to work for a trucking company, and then seldom does the driver ever see the money. The company often finds ways NOT to pay the $ to the driver.

v) Fuel bonuses offering a pittance for the driver saving fuel, while he freezes in the cold weather and cooks in the warmer weather months.


These are some of the more common tricks in the book, but this certainly doesn't cover all of the tricks and scams out there.

BEWARE. BE SMART. Check your pay statements diligently. Be on top of your game.

on 09 January 2018