1 Year Later... Still No Answers

A year after a fuel-carrying truck broke through the ice on the Deline winter road, the N.W.T.'s Department of Transportation has yet to release the results of an investigation into why the accident happened.

"We are still making progress, but the report is not yet finalized," says Ioana Spiridonica, a spokesperson for the department.

On March 5, 2016, a tanker delivering fuel as part of the annual government-run fuel resupply became halfway submerged on frozen Great Bear Lake about five kilometres from the community. The truck was owned by Bassett Petroleum.

Though the truck was safely removed and reportedly no fuel was spilled, the event had the community on edge, coming as it did just months before UNESCO inducted the lake into the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Was the truck overweight?

Part of the report will address whether the truck was over the 40,000-kilogram weight limit in place at the time. Trucks headed further north in the territory are weighed at a station in Enterprise.

"It will address all the factors that contributed to the incident," said Spiridonica of the report, which may be ready early this summer.

Part of the delay stems from the number of groups involved in the investigation: the Department of Transportation, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Deline Got'ine Government, the company that built the ice road (Tulita-based MYB Construction) and outside contractors tapped to help retrieve the truck.


Source: CBCNews

on 08 March 2017