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PODCAST: January 16, 2017 

On the Show packed with ‪#‎TruckingNews & ‪#‎Entertainment with Bruce, Roger & Mario...

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Trucking Is Glamorous / Bill Weaver Music / Cummins / X15 / Alyak 2000 Inc / Diesel Spec Inc / East Coast International / Trucker Tips / Trucker Radio / Country Music / Keep on Trucking

- We have our good friend, Country Super Star & Trucker M. Bill Weaver joins us to chat about his music, up coming events and a little chat about politics

- Returning Super Star Trucking Couple Todd & Tamera from Trucking Is Glamorous joins us for a quick catch-up, chat about their overall experience with the new X-15 series by Cummins and what’s in store for them in 2017…

- Plus, Tons of Trucking News & Entertainment


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on 16 January 2017