The NEW Chrome and Steel Radio

Thank you to everyone who watched our Chrome and Steel Radio Relaunch party on the 16th. We had a great turnout and our hosts had a great time together! If you haven’t watched it yet, watch the full video here.

Our new schedule is full of awesome creators who bring diverse viewpoints on the industry. At the moment we have the following shows lined up for you!

Jack and Dave Show – Monday @ 10am EST

The Jack and Dave Show is hosted by Jack and Dave of Jack’s Chrome Shop. Jack and Dave have worked extensively in the chrome and show truck industries and enjoy discussing truck shows, chrome shop issues, and their views on the trucking industry (from outside the cab).

Road Tested Living – Wednesday @ 12pm EST

The Road Tested Living Show is hosted by our resident on-the-road cook, health consultant, and product-testing extraordinaire Tom Kyrk. Tom discusses delicious recipes you can make on the road, helpful products every trucker should use, and important tips to help you enjoy driving more.

A Daily Dose of Hope – Thursday @ 10am EST

A Daily Dose of Hope is hosted by our yogi-in-chief, Hope Zvara. Hope’s goal is to improve the lifestyle and health of truckers around the world by improving posture and practicing basic yoga stretches that improve circulation! If you’ve got some aches and pains, maybe you should check out Hope’s show on Thursday mornings!

Out on the Road Show – Thursday @ 8pm EST

The Out on the Road Show w/ Bill Weaver is where drivers, and good ol’ folks of any kind can join in on important discussions of varying topics. The evolution of country music? Bill’s got you covered. Positive thoughts on the trucking industry during these trying times? Yep. Want an inside look into the life of a trucking musician? My man Bill Weaver has you covered! Tune in on Thursday evenings at 7pm to enjoy his show!

Old School Meets New School – Friday @ 12pm EST

Old School Meets New School is hosted by Robert Greene. Robert is an owner-operator with years of experience operating, breaking, and fixing trucks! Join Robert on Friday’s to learn a couple nifty ways you can fix your truck in a pinch that might save you a whole lot of money!

Take a Second Look – Sunday @ 10am EST

Take a Second Look focuses on biblical passages and how they can be interpreted many different ways. Host Dock Hinman unwraps the complexities of scripture in a way that’s easy to understand. Join Dock on Sundays at 10am for his show Take a Second Look!

Chrome and Steel Radio is very excited to partner with these creators to bring our audience the best content we can! Our goal is to entertain and inform all of you on important trucking topics. A positive outlook is a must for our creators and we pride ourselves on bringing uplifting, engaging content to you!

If you’d like to support the Chrome and Steel Radio network please subscribe to our YouTube Channel (where we release all of our videos first!) here, follow our social media links (found below), and join our newsletter (coming soon) so you can stay up date on all the videos we post!

Thanks for reading all about our new organization and we hope you like what we’ve created!

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